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Merch & Funthings

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NOW AVAILABLE: the standard edition of Frankie's art book. It's a gorgeous 8"x10" paperback with the same 120 pages as the collector's edition.

US$85 (Why so expensive?)

My first published game, BrainSpin, is now officially out of print, though you can still find it on Amazon. Soon, this page will be the only place to buy it.

Other merch coming soon:

  • Notecards featuring my paintings

  • Subscriptions: to my Real Mail newsletter

  • Prints: smaller printed reproductions of The Big Ones

  • Jigsaw Puzzles: TINP #02 in 500 high-quality pieces

  • Belts: an Archipelago to hold up your skinny jeans

  • Common Denominator: a get-to-know-you game

  • Boa Constrictors & Hats: a card game inspired by The Little Prince

  • CHIZZL: mini-jackhammer meditation toy

  • 10 Reasons: an empathy game

  • Patches: No Muck, No Lotus 

  • ENES665 Book: the illustrated recap for my "Innovative Thinking" course

I also love making stickers. Plus:


Smoconuts are a sexier modern alternative to smokes. They’re made from strips of dried coconut, specially designed to be held like Miles Davis and Audrey Hepburn held cigarettes: perched between your index and middle fingers.



Pea Funx are crispy green pea snacks. They're a snack you slow down for.



Frankie's fave. French-style cool.



A dash of panache. The perennial audience favorite. 


Stickers you can have just for asking. Message me on Instagram.​

These stickers are so fun! May I have one?

Sure thing. Message me your postal address via Instagram and I’ll send you one. They're about 3" x 3" (lighght and hunnapa¢ are about 5" long).


But, don’t they cost anything?

Nope. Not today, at least. 


Surely they must cost you something…

They do, but it’s only a couple of dollars, and it makes me happy to think of them bringing you joy. 


Let me pay for the postage then.

Why don’t you make a donation to my nonprofit, instead?


You run a nonprofit?!

Yep. They’ll let anyone do it nowadays.


No, seriously, what’s it about? Don’t be modest.

Good point. I’m the executive director, so I should be more vocal about the incredible impact we’re having. It’s called The Good Listening Project, and we help fight burnout in healthcare. We use a team of specially trained “Listener Poets” to support nurses, doctors, social workers, and others who are involved in healthcare. Sometimes patients and their families, too. By promoting good listening, we cultivate resilience and wellbeing for people who are often extremely depleted by their emotional burdens. By creating reflective custom poems for them, we help them make meaning, which can be extremely healing.


Alright, dang. How do I make more of that in the world? 

You can visit our donation page (we’re a 501(c)(3)). By giving $25 you’ll enable us to reach more healthcare workers. If you make that a monthly contribution–it’s easy–you’ll become a real rock of our community. Why stop there? A $100,000 gift would be transformative for The Good Listening Project. We’re currently quite a small team, but we know we can do a lot more good if we grow.

I've made it to the bottom of this page and I'm still not satisfied.

How about go listen to my favorite dance tunes in a Spotify playlist.




If you are looking for my older pieces, like the typewritten portrait of Saul Alinsky, you can find prints of them on Etsy 

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