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The Book

The Fabulous True Story of Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle Stick, by Frankie Abralind.

What's the Why?

   If you dig experimental art, thoughtful writing, and/or Frankie Abralind, you may find yourself in the first 25 percent of the following statistic: 

   Anything we create,

  • 25% of people will love it,

  • 25% will hate it, and

  • 50% will not give a fuck.

   If you've made it this far, I have a feeling you're gonna love it.

What's the What?

  • Collector's Edition US$560 (Why?)

    • 13" x 11" hardcover 

    • ultra-limited to 55 copies

    • sold with original thisisnotprecious (TINP) art

    • purchased exclusively via NFT

    • Order yours

  • Standard Edition US$85 (Why?)

    • 8" x 10" paperback​

    • order as many as you want

    • still gorgeous & titillating

    • you can pay with card or whatever

    • Buy it now

  • Length: 120 pages

  • Release Date: available now

  • Languages: English, avec un peu de français

What will you love about this book?

This book reveals hidden gems from Frankie Abralind's majestic mind. It's packed with stories you've never heard, arty endeavors you've never seen, and 55 colorful abstract paintings bearing a powerful message.


   •    An exploration of self-diagnosed autism
   •    Photos and explanations of how I make my paintings

   •    A dozen innovative business ideas, including the Sonic Snowplow
   •    Three fun covers of Loudon Wainwright III songs
   •    Wisdom of the world and two grandmothers

   •    Five solid poems and their origin stories
   •    And, of course, more.

When can you experience this book?

April 2022

May 2022

Summer 2022

Late 2022

The first copies have been released as a deluxe Collector's Edition exclusively to complement to the sale of the original thisisnotprecious (TINP) artwork. Each of 55 hardcover copies holds one specific 8.5" x 11" Kool-Aid-&-India-ink-on-watercolor-paper TINP painting in an archival mylar sleeve embedded in its endpapers. Purchase dibs on your favorite one now via NFT. Frankie will show you how via live screenshare.

The Standard Edition is a beautiful 8" x 10" paperback. Easy to read (& more accessibly priced!), it contains every page from the collector's edition. You can buy it now in the shop.

The audiobook, read by the author (moi même), is currently in beta testing. Message me if you'd like to try it out. 

I'll be presenting the entire book storytime-style, chapter by chapter, in a series of short videos.

Sample Spreads

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