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The Phrantone

The Phrantone is a real-mail newsletter for fans of Frankie's arty creations. Featuring handwritten updates, stickers, games, inventions, and the like, the Phrantone was launched in June of 2022 and follows a quasi-monthly schedule. Each copy is hand made and assembled by Frankie. 

Cost: US$60/yr.    Issues so far: 11.   Current subscribership: 64.

New subscriptions begin with the current issue. Back issues are sometimes available in the shopScroll down to update your address.

Phrantone 01-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

The very first issue! This one included:

  1. An introductory letter with the official release announcement for the softcover "Standard" edition of Frankie's art book.

  2. An excerpt from the book, entitled "F & Ph."

  3. An exclusive one-of-ten sticker. Various stickers were sent as the Phran Klub subscribership quickly grew beyond 10. Most were variations on the slogan, "Thank goodness for neurodiversity."

Phrantone 03-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #3 included:

  1. A letter about math beauty.

  2. A gamma copy of "Do I Even Know You?!," the game Frankie's been working on since January with his friends Alan and Marc.

  3. A hidden homage to Marcel Duchamp. 

Phrantone 05-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #5 included 

  1. A letter about microadjustments.

  2. Frankie's signature (perhaps only?) personal recipe, which relies on the "Frankie Method" and features an official accompanying playlist.

  3. A packet of Roasted Phegetable Seasoning.

Phrantone 08-2023

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #8 included

  1. A letter about Abralind Art Week

  2. An explanation of the "Jigfeel" concept

  3. One second-generation prototype of a blind-accessible jigsaw puzzle, complete with an uncut copy to serve as a reference and a piece of thick blue padding to preserve its crispness in the mail.

Phrantone 10-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #10 included:

  1. a letter about perfectionism

  2. one hand-stamped STFU journal

  3. instructions for use of STFU journals

Phrantone 02-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Phrantone 02-2022 included:

  1. A letter about words.

  2. A beta copy of Frankie's brand new, yet-unpublished game, "This Is Not Precious: the Game."

  3. A 1/1 redacted-response page torn from a vintage copy of The Pickwick Papers, by Charles Dickens.

Phrantone 04-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Inside issue #4: 

  1. A letter about the three elements of Frankie's creative practice: Consume, Process, and Generate.

  2. Six movies Frankie wholeheartedly recommends.

  3. A special treat to be opened after you watch Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Phrantone 06-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #6 included 

  1. A letter about Rothko.

  2. Instructions for re-upping your subscription and a special shop discount for O.G. (original gangsta) subscribers.

  3. A commemorative Kool-Aid packet with a secret link to a sneak peek at Frankie's brand new TEDx talk about his artwork.

Phrantone 09-2023

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #9 included: 

  1. A letter about a dress I'm making

  2. My "Failure Résumé"

  3. A friendly nudge

Phrantone 11-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #11 included:

  1. A letter about artificial intelligence (AI)

  2. A play-testing prototype of 'Spoetry, a brand new game concept that humorously celebrates the human advantage in poem-writing

  3. Instructions for playing 'Spoetry, plus a link to play variations

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