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The Phrantone

The Phrantone is a real-mail newsletter for fans of Frankie's arty creations. Featuring handwritten updates, stickers, games, inventions, and the like, each copy is made by hand and assembled by Frankie. 


Starting with issue 16-2024, the Phrantone will be free for the first 100 requesters. Eligible recipients will receive an email announcing each new issue. The official subscriber list includes

1) O.G. Phran Klub members (you know who you are)

2) folks who have purchased one of Frankie's original paintings or prints. 

Most recent issue: 15-2024, shipping June 2024.

Issues so far: 14. Back issues may be purchased in the shop

Phrantone 01-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

The very first issue! This one included:

  1. An introductory letter with the official release announcement for the softcover "Standard" edition of Frankie's art book.

  2. An excerpt from the book, entitled "F & Ph."

  3. An exclusive one-of-ten sticker. Various stickers were sent as the Phran Klub subscribership quickly grew beyond 10. Most were variations on the slogan, "Thank goodness for neurodiversity."

Phrantone 03-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #3 included:

  1. A letter about math beauty.

  2. A gamma copy of "Do I Even Know You?!," the game Frankie's been working on since January with his friends Alan and Marc.

  3. A hidden homage to Marcel Duchamp. 

Phrantone 05-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #5 included: 

  1. A letter about microadjustments.

  2. Frankie's signature (perhaps only?) personal recipe, which relies on the "Frankie Method" and features an official accompanying playlist.

  3. A packet of Roasted Phegetable Seasoning.

Phrantone 08-2023

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #8 included:

  1. A letter about Abralind Art Week

  2. An explanation of the "Jigfeel" concept

  3. One second-generation prototype of a blind-accessible jigsaw puzzle, complete with an uncut copy to serve as a reference and a piece of thick blue padding to preserve its crispness in the mail.

Phrantone 02-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Phrantone 02-2022 included:

  1. A letter about words.

  2. A beta copy of Frankie's brand new, yet-unpublished game, "This Is Not Precious: the Game."

  3. A 1/1 redacted-response page torn from a vintage copy of The Pickwick Papers, by Charles Dickens.

Phrantone 04-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Inside issue #4: 

  1. A letter about the three elements of Frankie's creative practice: Consume, Process, and Generate.

  2. Six movies Frankie wholeheartedly recommends.

  3. A special treat to be opened after you watch Everything Everywhere All at Once.

Phrantone 06-2022

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #6 included: 

  1. A letter about Rothko.

  2. Instructions for re-upping your subscription and a special shop discount for O.G. (original gangsta) subscribers.

  3. A commemorative Kool-Aid packet with a secret link to a sneak peek at Frankie's brand new TEDx talk about "the artist's work."

Phrantone 09-2023

Phrantone 01-2022

Issue #9 included: 

  1. A letter about a dress I'm making

  2. My "Failure Résumé"

  3. A friendly nudge

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