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You've probably already seen my Blotism Aug (link in menu). Did you know I've written some books, too? They're all currently self-published. I keep a few copies of each of them in stock, and I'm always happy to send them to folks who might love them. Check out my shop to order one.

Jokes, Thoroughly Explained. 
[Coming, Summer 2024]



Every chapter starts with a joke that I think is funny, then features two or three pages explaining it. This book is a celebration of humor, emotional intelligence, and neurodiversity.

5" x 8" softcover.

78 pages. 


The Listener Poet's Handbook for Working



Originally intended as the training manual for the nonprofit I started in 2018, this book is mostly about how to be a good listener. It's written using the model of the "Listener Poet," a concept I created to help fight burnout in healthcare. 


5" x 8" softcover.

154 pages. 

$25. All profits go to support the work of TGLP.

The Fabulous True Story of Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle Stick

JHCoaPS Standard Edition


A bright, luxurious art book about my creative process. Read all about it.

8" x 10" softcover.

120 pages. 


Conversations with My Wise Self
[Coming 2025]



A case study on a new journalling tool I developed. This true transcription documents my personal foray into listening to myself and becoming my own friend. 

5" x 8" softcover.

120 pages. 


The Illustrated Guide to Case Coordinators



The story of the nurses and social workers who serve as often-unsung Case Coordinators at Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital. 

8" x 10" softcover.

36 pages. 

Available for healthcare workers by request.

ENES665: The Illustrated Course Recap



A recap of "Innovative Thinking," the masters-level course I teach at the University of Maryland.

5" x 8" softcover.

92 pages. 


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