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The Fabulous True Story of Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle Stick

The Fabulous True Story of Jesus H. Christ on a Popsicle Stick


Softcover. 120 pages. Dimensions: 8" x 10"​. Includes shipping.


What will you love about this book?

   This book reveals hidden gems from Frankie Abralind's majestic mind. It's packed with stories you've never heard, arty endeavors you've never seen, and 55 colorful abstract paintings bearing a powerful message.



   •    An exploration of self-diagnosed autism
   •    Photos and explanations of how I make my paintings

   •    A dozen innovative business ideas, including the Sonic Snowplow
   •    Three fun covers of Loudon Wainwright III songs
   •    Wisdom of the world and two grandmothers

   •    Five solid poems and their origin stories
   •    And, of course, more.


Why so expensive?! That's a lot for a paperback!

   The still-gorgeous-and-titillating Standard Edition of this book is self-published and produced in small batches. Printing each copy costs Frankie $60. Shipping it to you is another $10-20 expense.

   One day, maybe, a publisher will license the book and print 10,000 copies at a time to sell for $24.99. For now, you're an early adopter. You're supporting an artist by bringing a beautiful thing into the world.

​   Thanks for asking!


Can I still buy the $560 Collector's Edition?

   Yes, though technically you'll be buying an original painting that comes packaged in one of the ultra-limited-edition Collector's copies. You'll purchase it via NFT, with concierge-style support from Frankie via live 1:1 screenshare. Find out more.

Expected to ship in May 2024 when Frankie returns from sabbatical
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