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The artist's work is to draw

hw1p-a frame.png
hw3p-the world.png

My paintings celebrate the beauty of the world that surrounds us by calling attention to it. [my TEDx talk is about this]


The Big Ones

I paint with Kool-Aid, which I drank a lot of as a child, and India ink, on big sheets of watercolor paper. These paintings are large: typically 80" x 42" (approximately 2M x 1M).


I also have 55 smaller paintings that come with a collector's edition of my book. Prints are available in my shop, too.

Alinsky just finished.jpg

Typewritten Portraits

This series of 11 portraits features authors whose works were formative for me. I created them by hand using a wide-format vintage Royal typewriter.

The Book

You can read about my artwork and my creative process in the 120-page coffee table book I created in early 2022.



I don't know if "merch" is the right description, but I make other arty fun things, too. Games. Stickers. Sexier modern alternatives to cigarettes.

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