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Typewritten Portraits

The great writers of the 20th century physically experienced what they wrote. They filled small rooms with the sound of it. They hunched and pounded and swung with a hypnotic rhythm: clack-clack-clack-clack-ding-kashonk!-clack-clack-clack. They thought about what they'd put down, then hammered it out, marking out typos and misplaced words and even entire lines with x's, revealing their very human process in hard marks on the white paper.

My typewritten portraits honor the creations of writers who've been formative in my life. I start by typing out the first several pages of their book onto one big page with my wide format typewriter. This mimics the experience of their original creation; the manuscript, complete with x'ed-out typos, with which they first presented their words. Next, I create a portrait of the author and overlay it on the page, marking it out letter by letter to form the darker and lighter areas. I then feed the page back into the typewriter where these pencil marks serve as a guide, allowing me to type over each letter with a new ribbon color.


Framed Prints

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