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Now Whaut?

Congratulations, you're Autistic! Now what?


First, celebrate. Knowing yourself just got a whole lot more possible. In fact, I often feel like recognizing myself as Autistic was the best thing to ever happen to me. 

Next, buckle up. Once you have a label for how your brain works, there's a tremendous amount of learning to do to start tuning it. Luckily, you're not the first person to process the world in a non-typical way. You're certainly not alone.


I can teach you to be Autistic. It's a bold offer, I know. I'm a bold mothafucka. That's part of my autism. 


I want to be clear that this is not an offer to correct you, nor is it a pitch for you to become more neurotypical. This is an invitation to learn how to show up as your best self in a world that has a heckuva lot of good in it, if you know how to navigate.

In this course, you will:
  • Understand your Autism as a strength

  • Learn to manage your Autism as a human

  • Makes friends and build community as a creator

  • Build a resource for other Autistics


We'll follow the learnings from three primary thought leaders: Dr. Devon Price, Neurodivergent Lou, and Temple Grandin, all Autistic. Over a 12-week semester, we'll share our own experiences in an interactive workshop style. See the week-by-week.


Six to eight student cohorts meet live in virtual reality (VR). Think of it as a graduate-level classroom course. Details.


This course is designed for folks with a late-in-life autism diagnosis. For me, that meant age 43. I'm not particularly concerned about your age, though; I'll let you determine your eligibility for yourself. Apply.


I'm a seasoned professor, popular workshop teacher, and former design coach. I'm also Autistic and proud. Meet your facilitator.


Standard tuition is $3,995 for the full 12-week course. Limited scholarships are available. Apply or join our waitlist.

What You Get

Tuition includes
• complete VR hardware

• one-on-one setup support

 34 hours of live class time

• three hours of innovation & design coaching


Our Alumni Say:

Want to be our first alum?

I've taught many courses and workshops on innovative thinking, but this Autism course is brand new. To demonstrate the program's value, I'm offering six slots in the first cohort at a 75% discount. Please message me to see if there's still space available.

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