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Blotism Aug

Updated: Jun 11

Photo: The author creating a portrait of the sci-fi writer Robert Heinlein.

This is my autism blog. When I hear a new phrase, my mind quickly does one of three things:

  • Spoonerizes the words (swaps the first letters),

  • forms a portmanteau (melds the words), or

  • initializes it (IYKYK).

Hence, Blotism Aug.

Note that I am not a trained or licensed medical professional. I'm not an academic researcher, either. I have not been medically diagnosed with autism (did you know that self diagnosis is widely recognized in the Autistic community?).

I simply am Autistic, and believe I have somethings important to share.

You have many options regarding your personal inputs. Please use your own discretion to determine whether my voice is the right input for you.

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