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Why NFTs?

Almost every person I've told about my paintings has asked me the same question:
"Can I just give you money? And then you give me the painting? And the book?"

Why do I have to make it so difficult? 

There are three reasons it's worth it to me to shepherd you through the admittedly-cumbersome process of buying my artwork via NFT. 

  1. NFTs are going to save the planet.

  2. It is advantageous to adopt new technology.

  3. The glory you will one day attain for owning one is not insignificant, and that is my gift to you as my friend.

3. The glory you will one day attain for owning one

You probably know that NFTs are already here; you might not know that they're here to stay. I have been to the precipice, looked over, and gone beyond. I am back to tell you that the future is bright.

These particular NFTs are leading edge. They're different from the sensational "bored ape" and "nyan cat" ones you might've heard of. My Dibs NFTs, 56Club NFTs, and Pea Funx NFTs come with privileges that you can use in the real world for physical objects.

Their value will almost certainly increase, too. Sure, that's not what compels you, gentle reader, but would you really complain if you're able to fund a nice trip one day by reselling your TINP #28 NFT?

Chances are, nobody you know has ever owned an NFT (though everybody you know has heard of them). Be the first. Let it come up in conversation, as it inevitably will, and reap a little glory by revealing that you, yes you, own one.

2. It Is Advantageous To Adopt New Technology.

As we've discussed, NFTs are here and they're here to stay. One day in the not-too-distant future, this essay will seem quaint. Trust me. In five years, maybe sooner, every bottle of wine will be attached to an NFT. Every automobile will be purchased via NFT (we'll laugh at how inefficient car titles used to be), and all houses and property deeds will be NFTs. 

Why not get on the front side of that wave? Ride it. Surf it. Embrace it, adopt it, don't let it pummel you. Welcome me as its ambassador, and let's go get tacos on the beach afterward.

1. ​NFTs are Going to Save the Planet.

Carbon Coins. 

I'm telling you.

All of this fuckery with NFTs and Ethereum and Doge Coins is a gargantuan digital sandbox for Carbon Coins, which are the genius blockchain-based techno-behavorial solution that will utterly arrest the carbon fuel industrial complex and reverse the inertia of human-caused global warming.

I am not quite savvy enough to explain all the details myself. I lack the technical expertise. If you want to know more, though, I encourage you to read Kim Stanley Robinson's brilliant 2020 novel Ministry for the Future. You can hear him talk about Carbon Coins in this inspiring TED Talk. The editors of Popular Science magazine also found his argument convincing.

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