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Teaching & Talks

I create learning opportunities around innovation, neurodiversity, and psychological safetyYou can hire me to speak at your event or workplace on my workshops page. Below are some examples of my public speaking.

Service Experience Camp

I keynoted the Service Experience Camp conference in Berlin in 2018. I'd seen some of my experience design heroes on that stage in years past, so it felt like a huge honor. I talked about my own work as lead designer for Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital's Innovation Hub.
Talk title: Design for Implementation (25 min)

still from SXC talk.png


In 2022, I was invited to give a TEDx talk. I spoke about my work as an artist. The recording studio was at the Department of Veterans Affairs, directly across the street from the White House here in Washington, D.C.
Talk title: A Frame Around the World (11 min)

TEDx FA horiz.jpg

Mayo Clinic

In 2019, the Mayo Clinic brought me to their headquarters in Rochester, MN to give a talk at their Transform conference. I spoke about my then-fledgling nonprofit, which helps fight burnout in healthcare. (photo courtesy Mayo)
Talk title: Listen Like a Poet (8 min)

mayo onstage.jpg
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