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Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards


4.13" x 5.83" (10.5cm x 4.8cm). Includes plain envelope.


Premium greeting cards with Frankie's artwork on the front. Blank inside.

  1. Blotting Ink
  2. Mango Watermelon detail
  3. The Spill
  4. Frankie at Work
  5. Lettering Practice
  6. Blotting a Line
  7. Red Blue Fine Line
  8. Orange Red
  9. Red Pink
  10. Pen and Inkwell
  11. Them Planets
  12. { surprise me }


Coupon: If you promise to send this card to someone in the postal mail, I'll give you a $3 discount on each one (you'll pay just $1.95 per card). Just type in the code IWILLMAILIT when you buy. 

Expected to ship in May 2024, when Frankie returns from sabbatical.
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