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As director of marketing for a pile driving company, I needed a way to help our sales team tell the story of our superior Junttan rigs. Junttan piledriving rigs cost more than a million dollars each, but they're worth it. Contractors who own Junttans love to show them off. Contractors who don't are consistently blown away when they see one operate.

I knew our existing customers could be our best salespeople.
Working with a custom Lego kit builder over several months, I created a detailed version of our most popular model. I designed the explicatory label you see here, as well as a gorgeous infographic poster comparing the Junttan to conventional rigs, then boxed them and mailed them to customers around the country.


These kits enabled us to facilitate hundreds of enthusiastic "demos" in the offices of satisfied owners, even when their real rigs were inaccessible on remote job sites. Later, the Junttan home office let me know it was their most popular sales tool around the world.


Storytelling is crucial for my work, and infographics are a great tool for storytelling. To design this infographic, I started with Sharpie drawings on white paper. I sketched out the story of our rigs' superiority in bite-sized chunks of benefits, then brought my draft out into the open air to get feedback. I showed it to our licensed technicians, our sales staff, and our machine operators. I showed it to everyone on our team who understood our product (and our competitors').


After dozens of drafts, gradually increasing in fidelity and accuracy, I hired a professional graphic designer to finalize the infographic. We worked together for several weeks to polish the images into what eventually became a wall poster and online graphic. It was a huge hit. Months later I found that customers had even hung the resulting poster in their own equipment yards and offices.

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