I love games. A few years ago I invented one you might have heard of: BrainSpin. I exhibited it at the fabulous Chicago Toys and Games Conference in 2014, and in 2016 the publisher Winning Moves USA debuted it at the New York Toy Fair. BrainSpin has sold about 75,000 copies since then. You can find it on Amazon and in most book and toy stores, including (I'm proud to say) the gift shop at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

I also love making stickers.

These stickers are so fun! Can I have one?

Sure thing. Message me your postal address and I’ll send you one.


But, don’t they cost anything?

Nope. Not today, at least. 


Surely they must cost you something…

They do, but it’s only a couple of dollars, and it makes me happy to think of them bringing you joy. 


Let me pay for the postage then.

Why don’t you make a donation to my nonprofit, instead?


You run a nonprofit?!

Yep. They’ll let anyone do it nowadays.


No, seriously, what’s it about? Don’t be modest.

Good point. I’m the executive director, so I should be more vocal about the incredible impact we’re having. It’s called The Good Listening Project, and we help fight burnout in healthcare. We use a team of specially trained “Listener Poets” to support nurses, doctors, social workers, and others who are involved in healthcare. Sometimes patients and their families, too. By promoting good listening, we cultivate resilience and wellbeing for people who are often extremely depleted by their emotional burdens. By creating reflective custom poems for them, we help them make meaning, which can be extremely healing.


Alright, dang. How do I make more of that in the world? 

You can visit our donation page (we’re a 501(c)(3)). By giving $25 you’ll enable us to reach more healthcare workers. If you make that a monthly contribution (it’s easy), you’ll become a real rock of our community. Why stop there? A $100k gift would be transformative for The Good Listening Project. We’re currently quite a small team, but we know we can do a lot more good if we grow.


What if I just buy your art?

Oh yeah! I give a quarter of the proceeds of the sale of my paintings as a donation to the nonprofit. You can check them out here


Tell me about Smoconuts.

Smoconuts are for those of us who recognize the importance of looking as cool on the outside as we are on the inside. They’re a noncarcinogenic cigarette alternative. Smoconuts are made from strips of dried coconut specially designed to be perched between your index and middle fingers. Hold them like Miles Davis and Audrey Hepburn held cigarettes. Gesture with one in your hand, like you’ve forgotten it’s there, then cup your mouth and take a nibble of the short end that’s concealed in your palm. Smoconuts: all of the glamour, none of the cancer.


Whoa, so cool! Where can I get some?

Message me and I’ll mail you a pack.


And then donate to The Good Listening Project, right?

That would be lovely!